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About Veterans Investing

Veterans Investing LLC. is a Equity Firm, Home Buying Network, and an online community of Veteran and active duty real estate investors.

Our mission is to realize our investor clients the highest returns possible, as well as teach, mentor and work with our Military Veteran investors within our online community and personal relationships.

Our team loves real estate and our passion has only grown as we’ve been investing in it, across the United States. With over 40+ years in combined real estate experience, we’ve all had tremendous individual success and are now poised to disrupt the industry.

We founded Veterans Investing to allow Patriots, proud Americans, friends, and family to invest alongside us. Veterans Investing is changing the way people invest in multifamily real estate.

Veterans Investing is a rapidly growing equity firm with cutting-edge approaches to investments and wealth creation.

We also provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else.  Veterans Investing focuses on helping homeowners like you find solutions for whatever real estate problem you’re going through.

Our goal is to revitalize distressed communities and bring affordable housing projects to thriving metropolitan markets while greatly impacting and improving the lives of our military veterans and their families.

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Meet The Veterans Investing Team

Christopher Fontaine, Founder and President

Chris is a Real Estate Investor with over 16 years of Real Estate experience having run his own investment business for several years. Chris is a licensed agent in multiple states and has vast experience in all facets of real estate in both residential and commercial properties. Chris is a retired US Marine and former State Police Officer.  Christopher is active in various Veterans causes and organizations, including setting up “Veterans Investing University” teaching our military veterans, both past and present, the art of investing in real estate and starting their own business.

Chris has a degree in Criminology from the University of Colorado, has over 15 years of active duty time as a US Marine Corps Explosives Detection K-9 Handler with multiple tours in Iraq.

As the leader at Veterans Investing Inc., Chris puts his vast real estate experience and “mission first” tenacity towards getting our investor clients the absolute highest return on their investment possible.

David Brown, CMO

Dave has over 20 years of Real Estate Investing experience, running one of the most successful Investment companies in the Northeast. Dave has personally purchased and sold well over 250 properties! Dave is a subject matter expert on identifying and closing on properties that realize the absolute highest return possible. Dave is experienced in residential, commercial and land investments. Dave serves as a mentor to over 35 real estate investor students as well as conducting coaching calls for students of the most successful investor program in the country.

Dave is active in various Veterans causes, including setting up an outreach program for “gold star mothers and wife’s” who lost a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan. Dave and his fiancé Barb have also started “American Snippets” a monthly podcast researching and interviewing American heroes, Veterans, First Responders and those that exhibit the American Spirit and entrepreneurship.

Dave has a degree in Business Management from NY State University at Oneonta. Dave has worked for Keller Williams and is licensed in the State of New York.

Want to join a community full of like-minded, entrepreneur veterans on the same path as you?

Are you the family member of a US Veteran? Are you Active Duty? Are you a Gold Star Family? Are you interested in real estate and the opportunity to create financial independence and start your own business?

The Veterans Investing University is a Free training program and online community of like-minded veterans and their family members. Beyond the comprehensive curriculum, the Network is about learning, sharing and working together in the world of real estate investing. Our Veterans both past and present take an active role in our online forums and monthly live podcasts. Most of our students are building their own businesses, making money, and improving their life by taking advantage of the real estate opportunities in today’s market.

Veterans have a unique way of looking out for each other and sharing a sense of brotherhood. This is the same atmosphere we foster at Veterans Investing.

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